Episode 08 - The amazing resilience of Tina Thebeau


Tina Thebeau works with Matt at Say Know as a blogger (you can hear her in our introductory episode, 00). A recovered long-term cocaine user and survivor of an abusive upbringing,  she has found strength within herself to heal others and urges users to find newer, healthier ways of coping with past trauma.

In this episode, Tina discusses living with the effects of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), growing up in multiple abusive and unhealthy foster homes, and stepping back from the edge just as she was about to fall over.


-Tina describes her early life experiences with FAS, being adopted by a dysfunctional family, and finding a healthy foster home.

-How a decision by Social Services prevented Tina from growing up with her loving foster family.

-Dealing with violent and vengeful thoughts at a young age.

-Tracking the development of Tina’s drug usage and addiction and discussing how drug abstinence programs have an unintended opposite effect.

-“Using dreams” and the ever-present fear of relapse while clean.

-How a mentor pulled through for Tina at the most pivotal point in her addiction.

-Finding continuing strength and motivation through faith and spirituality.


“Slowly, slowly, they gained my trust, and I fell madly in love with these people and I wanted to be with these people forever and ever and ever.”
“I remember making a choice and a promise to myself that I was never, ever, ever gonna be like her. That I didn’t want to be that hateful and that cruel and that bitter.”
“You wanna know what’s wrong? Everything is so good, and usually when shit is so good, some shit hits the fan.”
“I didn’t want to give up. I just needed someone to believe in me.”
“I didn’t go through everything I went through to be a drug addict and die in a gutter. That wasn’t what my life was for.”
“If we could see ourselves the way other people saw us, I think we would be blown away.”


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