Episode 07 - The Pharmaceutical Perspective


Christina Hrudka is the vice-chair of the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), which advocates for and represents the profession of pharmacy throughout Canada. A pharmacy owner herself, Christina is deeply concerned by the opioid crisis and the role pharmacists may have to play in finding a solution to this epidemic.

In this episode, Christina discusses how she feels pharmacists’ responsibilities should change, the potential benefits of legalized drug distribution, and the difficulty of breaking the cycle of addiction.


-Christina outlines the CPhA’s structure, responsibilities, and current involvement in the opioid crisis.

-Theorizing why the opioid crisis became epidemic in the last several years.

-The CPhA’s push for “prescriptive authority” and why Christina believes pharmacists should be able to adjust dosage.

-Exploring the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP), Saskatchewan’s unique drug prescription database.

-Why the opioid crisis and its victims were overlooked for so long in Canada.

-The argument for providing addicts with medical-grade heroin and how medical marijuana may play a helpful role.

-Discussing Suboxone and other methods of breaking the addictive cycle.

-Addressing the current issues with medical marijuana distribution and plans for marijuana research through dispensation.

-The dilemma of wanting to treat a patient’s pain while not risking setting them down the path to addiction.

-How the CPhA and other organizations are tackling the methamphetamine epidemic as well.


“Most of our issues have come from overprescribing for a long time.”
“We really, truly did not realize, as a healthcare profession, how addictive these products really were.”
“We are the last stop of that prescription before it goes out.”
“At the end of the day, there’s no reason we need to prescribe the quantities that we were.”
“These people need help. We need to treat them like real people.”
“Unless people’s core reason for being there and needing those drugs is addressed, the cycle will continue.”
“The current addict is a real person, and we can’t ignore them because they’re affecting everybody’s lives. It’s all of our problem.”


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