Episode 01 - Cocaine, Meth and High-speed Chases


"Josh" is a friend of Matt and a former methamphetamine addict. A drug dealer since his teens, Josh was able to rise to the top of the Saskatoon drug trade until meth dependency derailed his life. In our conversation with Josh, he discusses the insidiously powerful pull of meth, the societal stigma towards its users,


-How prescribed amphetamine for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder set the stage for Josh's later meth use.

-Josh's conscious concern of developing an addition while taking Adderall.

-The gradual yet cyclical early stages of his meth addiction.

-The surprising segment of white- and blue-collar users you normally wouldn't associate with meth.

-Why meth is a bigger draw to users compared to cocaine and other addictive drugs.

-Matt summarizes why the War on Drugs is ineffective and how education can circumvent its shortcomings.

-Josh's meteoric rise in his early years of drug dealing and why the business was inviting despite its risks.

-A description of an exciting yet very dangerous car chase got himself into.

-His downward slide from being a local drug kingpin to becoming a methamphetamine addict.

-How Josh's medical status as a "situational user" conflicted with his bail conditions.

-The mistaken belief that prescription drugs are "safe" by virtue of them being prescribed, and how most doctors aren't

accustomed to patients lying to them just to get a prescription.

-Debunking "the opiod crisis," and how racial bias plays a part.

-Considering collateral effects of the meth crisis, including theft and child neglect.

-Rethinking the police's relationship to drug policy enforcement.


"No matter what I've done good in my life previously... anyone that knows I've touched meth, THAT is what always comes to
their mind first when they look at me. You never lose that stigma."
"It wasn't until I got involved with meth and started doing it regularly that being in jail and getting arrested was a
regular occurrence."
"When white kids die, it makes the news."
"They want that down, that opiate that takes them close to death. They want to gnaw it off!"
"I would say there is a meth crisis, definitely more than there is an opiate crisis."
"Anytime you make something illegal you create a demand for it."
"One of the things I realized about the people in jail is that most of them weren't even criminals."
"Addiction's a people's issue. You can't lump it into any category."


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