Episode 00 - Introduction


The Say Know Podcast discusses all things drug-related, including policy, crime and research. We sit down with professionals and people who have lived experiences to discuss how we can make things just a little bit better. The Canadian Research Initiative of Substances Misuse (CRISM) has supplied funding to allow this podcast to happen, and this show is part of the CRISM Prairies Network.

In this introductory episode, Matt and Tina lay out their mission statement for the Say Know podcast.


-Matt describes how Say Know got started and Tina briefly relates how she became involved.

-Dealing with the cards you've been dealt and recognizing that you can make choices.

-Matt's background in law enforcement tackling the drug trade and why he reconsidered his role.


"We need to start changing the way we look at people who are addicted, because those people... are hurting, and they're people who need help."
"We're about spreading knowledge and research so people can make healthy and informed decisions."


Official Say Know homepage - http://www.sayknow.org/

SayKnow.org Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/sayknoworg

SayKnow.org Twitter feed - https://twitter.com/SayKnowOrg

Funding provided by: Canadian Research Initiative of Substance Misuse (CRISM) Prairies website - https://crismprairies.ca/

Music graciously donated by: http://www.charlyhustlemusic.com/

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