Bonus Episode - A Change in Law Enforcement Perspective

Cst. Matt Ingrouille was asked to present at the Canadian Research Initiative on Substance Misuse’ AGM. The interactive slide presentation is below:


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Due to this being the first time giving this particular presentation, I mispoke in a few places. It could have been nerves, excitement or stupidity. I’ll let you decide!Here are some corrections:

I said that the illicit drug trade is second to oil and gas with its value of 400 to 700 billion and some estimates put it higher. I compared it to the global oil and gas industry but misrepresented its size. The comparison was supposed to be the global drug trade to North America’s oil and gas industry. The US generates 136 billion a year (, while Canada generates 170 billion a year ( with assets of over 500 billion dollars. Globally the oil and gas industry is worth 1.7 trillion ( therefore the illicit drug market is huge but not near the top. For interest sake, food and agriculture is the worlds largest economy (

I mentioned that at the end of every podcast I ask each guest if “crime” is a criminal justice issue or health care issue. However I meant to say “addiction”. You were probably smart enough to figure that one out...

I brought up project Forsetti to highlight am example of an organized crime investigation and how expensive and complex they can be. Therefore, very few are actually done, nation wide. I mentioned that I was a part of the project. However, I meant to say my service was a part of the project. I was out of the organized crime unit when the file officially got going but played a small role in gathering the initial evidence required to get the project approved. 

I apologize for these mistakes. Live presentations can be a dynamic environment where your mouth can move faster than the brain at times! Thanks for reading! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE! - Matt

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