Episode 10 - Words of wisdom - Former Chief, Clive Weighill


Retired Chief of the Saskatoon Police Service, Clive Weighill, sat down to chat with Matt.

Clive has been involved in the justice system for over 40 years, and was the President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police for 11 years of those years. He is currently the Chief Coroner in Saskatchewan and genuinely cares for people he serves.

He has devoted his life to public service and has knowledge, insight and wisdom that makes him a great leader. He has worked hard to make positive changes to the relationship between police and the community.

In this episode, Clive discussed his understanding on a number of topics; from meth and crime, to cannabis legalization and roadside checks, to building trust with Police and communities. He has empathy and wisdom and is one of Canada's most respected leaders.


- Relationship between methamphetamine and crime

- There are many ways to interpret crime stats and police services are revolutionizing the way crimes are reported (Ex: Graffiti)

- More funding is required for social infrastructure

- Cannabis legalization and roadside checks

- The Importance of building trust between Police and communities.


“ When I grew up I hated the Police. There was no way that I thought I was ever gonna be a Police Officer.”

“ People that are addicted to alcohol – putting them in a jail cell; is not the way to deal with someone who has an addiction.”

“ We need more money spent on social infrastructure.”

“ Police are more aware nowadays that people are are products of their environments.”

“ We can’t arrest our way out of these situations. If we don’t have supports in place for people who go to jail, when they get out they're gonna go right back to the same things. “

“You have to have trust in the community to be successful as a police service. To get trust you have to work with the community.”

“We need people that can feel comfortable talking to the police, listening to what we have to say, understanding our role in the community, which is only one role in the justice system. Trust is really the big factor here. “


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