Episode 09 - From fentanyl to recovery - Matt Kaminsky


Matt Kaminsky is a former fentanyl and oxycontin user. Despite having had a loving childhood, he was nevertheless drawn toward drug usage to self-medicate his personal issues and was shocked to see how his lifestyle and support system suddenly suddenly and drastically changed. Since getting clean, Matt has learned the benefits of having friends who say “no” to him and now ponders how the world could be different if access to recreational drugs was legal and more safely regulated.

In this episode, Matt discusses how drug addiction affects one’s daily routine and needs, the economic effect of the drug trade on housing, and the difference between healthy and toxic support systems.


-Matt relates his supportive childhood and how he gradually and insidiously slipped into drug usage and addiction during high school.

-How he never realized that he was using fentanyl until it was too late.

-Noticing how the effects and routine of drug use changed as Matt become more addicted.

-Describing fentanyl’s high-impact effects and why its high is alluring to chase.

-What is “dope sick” and how did it feel for Matt to go through it?

-How Matt has used methadone to taper off his drug use.

-What steps did Matt take to end his using lifestyle and get clean? And exploring why the recovery process can be the most vulnerable stage.

-What a day in Matt’s life during his fentanyl addiction was like, including being dope-sick at this grandfather’s funeral.

-How addiction can breed an unhealthy support system among friends.

-The way addiction can impair a user’s belief that they can make important choices.

-The difficulty Matt faced in trying to leave the drug trade, including a scary experience with two strangers coming to collect.

-Matt delves into the personal difficulties that may have led him to self-medicate with drugs.

-Exploring how the drug trade has significantly impacted real estate prices throughout the province.

-Looking at how societal dynamics might change in a world where drugs are legalized and safely regulated.


“Nobody feels like they’re going to be addicted to anything.”

“You would do one pill and almost feel normal again.”

“You almost wanna scratch yourself out of your own skin.”

“Either you’re gonna start living your life or you might as well die, really, cuz you’re just wasting it.”

“All it takes is a mistake to become addicted to something. There aren’t people that go out there and maliciously do drugs and stay addicted and want to be addicted.”

“Sometimes that support system’s also gotta remember that they got to struggle through it too.”

“Share your knowledge, because if we all share our own knowledge, our own stories about [addiction], then we’ll find better ways to combat it.”


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