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When our Teens Experiment with Drugs

A teen simply experimenting with substances typically uses only on occasion and if they happen to be around the substance itself. Experimental drug users don't usually purchase the substance themselves from a supplier. They simply take a few tokes off a friends joint or a puff off a bong at a party. They may on occasion, throw a few bucks into the pot (pardon the pun) to help cover the cost from a friend who is buying for the group. 

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From the Mouth of an Addict

Society can help by listening to us, addicts about our addiction to the drug. Offering the addict rides to meetings or to their addictions meeting or to detox and after not forgetting about them. Staying in touch with them. Trust me, as a recovering addict, we love the people who helped us get to sobriety and were still there in the aftermath.

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